This is me

Born and raised in the cold of Denmark (that's not in Amsterdam) I graduated from the Danish School of Journalism in 2007 and fled the country soon after in pursuit of love, adventure and great stories.


I now call San Francisco home, the city of fog, many a hill, a red(ish) bridge and people with flowers in their hair.


I work for a variety of Scandinavian magazines and newspapers and - being a freelancer - my humble writing skills and soul are for sale (the latter won't go as cheap as the former).


I don't follow a specific beat but write stories about whatever subject I find interesting whether that be supheroes, wild horses, brain training or marijuana legislation.


I love doing features, profile interviews, travel pieces and background articles - stories that captivate you, make you pause for a minute and forget about the car insurance, your wife's cooking and those pesky kids. At least for a while. But you can probably talk me into writing an occasional news story too. I am a freelancer after all.